Five best food items in Croatia to try

Croatia is a great country to visit and to settle in. The beauty of nature and the food variety will steal your heart. Food items in Croatia vary according to the region. But, some are popular throughout the country. 

Moving to or visiting a new country is an experience altogether. You have so much to explore and learn about the culture and lifestyle. There is food and drinks, that add more value to your visit. In the beginning, you may feel a little skeptical about trying out traditional dishes. However, eventually it is worth it to explore new cuisines that the country offers. 

Here is our checklist to give you an idea of what food items to try. 


Let us start with one of the most fulfilling food items in Croatia. Čobanac is a great dish to try and has been popular in Croatia for ages. Delicious and typical, it is a spicy meat stew. Cooked on an open fire and at a slow pace, it contains various meats. It is a dish for anyone who adores eating meat. 


If you are not looking for a meaty dish to try at your next restaurant visit, try Bučnica. It is one of those food items that are particularly famous in Zagreb. Furthermore, it is a Croatian mouthwatering quiche sort of a dish, where the main ingredient is pumpkin. The other ingredients include cottage cheese, butter, sour cream and eggs, all wrapped in lean dough. 

Black risotto

Black risotto sounds unique, looks different, takes less time, and tastes delicious. Squid ink provides the unusual black coloring and a filling taste. This dish also contains other meaty ingredients. Try this one at a Dalmatian Konoba, and your experience will make you demand more. 

Croatian cherry strudel

The absence of a sweet dish on a menu would leave the menu incomplete. So, here is one delicious dessert option to try amongst all the food items in Croatia. Loaded with fruits and nuts with some cheese, and enveloped in filo dough, this is the best thing on the table. The tartness with the juiciness of cherries gives the perfect taste and texture. It has no added sugar.  


We saved the best for the last! Whether you visit Croatia or own a restaurant, the list cannot be complete with a seafood dish. It is a staple food in the Dalmatian region. Moreover, it is widely served throughout the Adriatic coast for its taste. It is simple to prepare and requires simple ingredients. With a few potatoes, fresh white fish, and garlic with some seasonings, Gregada is a must-try. 

Amongst all the food items in Croatia, there are a few that you shouldn’t miss. Croatian seafood delicacies, desserts, and traditional rural dishes often turn into memorable experiences. Not only for tourists visiting Croatia, but also for foreigners owning hotels or guesthouses. Share which Croatian delicacy owns your heart! 

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