Property with a swimming pool- all you need to know

Want to earn some bragging rights in the neighborhood or chill out in the evening by the pool? Whatever your reason, owning a property with a swimming pool sounds like a dream come true. In guesthouses, holiday homes, or resorts, a property with a swimming pool adds that extra edge to the real estate.  However, it may sound lavish and enjoyable but maintaining it may not be all flowers and...

Five tips for renovating your house in Croatia

Did you buy an old house in Croatia? Or are you bored of living in the same home in Croatia for decades?  Did you nod your head for any of these two questions? Well, then it is time to read on.  Whether you are living in the same home for some time or decided to buy an old property, both call for some sprucing up. Home renovation concepts are not rigid. It can be a new color on the walls or...

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