Rakovica: Live, Work, and Thrive in Croatia’s Idyllic Tourism Haven

Welcome to Rakovica, an enchanting town in the heart of Croatia that beckons with its natural beauty, vibrant tourism industry, and a quality of life that nurtures both personal and professional aspirations. Whether you seek to invest, work, or settle down in a picturesque and welcoming community, Rakovica offers a harmonious blend of opportunities that promise a fulfilling life amidst stunning...

5 reasons why you should visit Croatia in winter

Croatia is the ultimate summer holiday destination in Europe. But, Croatia in winter is also a magnificent destination.  With the beautiful views along the Adriatic coast and the historical cities, Croatia is becoming popular with tourists during winters.  So, if you were planning your trip to Croatia in winter but were doubtful, we assure you will stick with the plan!  Fewer...

How to prepare your property as a tourist accommodation in Croatia? 

When you have a property in a touristic country, there is ample opportunity to earn. Particularly, if that is a tourist accommodation in Croatia. Croatia is a gem when it comes to tourism. Whether you have a property near the coast or near Plitvice Lakes National Park, there is plenty of potential. Let's make the most out of it. That is achievable by making the property tourist season...

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