5 reasons why you should visit Croatia in winter

Croatia is the ultimate summer holiday destination in Europe. But, Croatia in winter is also a magnificent destination. 

With the beautiful views along the Adriatic coast and the historical cities, Croatia is becoming popular with tourists during winters. 

So, if you were planning your trip to Croatia in winter but were doubtful, we assure you will stick with the plan! 

Fewer crowds 

While the trend to visit Croatia in winter is getting popular, the peak months are in the summer. Winter is a wonderful choice when you want to explore and immerse in the beauty of Croatia. The winter offers quiet highways. You get to spend all your time enjoying the beauty of Croatia. The difference in season can also make finding accommodations easy. 

The festivals, carnivals, and Christmas 

Croatia is full of festivities, taking place during Advent, Christmas, and New Year’s. You get to explore the culture and customs. And hands down, this time has some of the best food items in Croatia. The mandarin harvesting season makes it even more desirable to be around Croatia. During winter in Croatia, carnival festivities are taking place. Rijeka Carnival is the most famous one, lasting from half January to early March. The city look brighter, and the streets are full of fun.

The perfect weather 

It rarely freezes at the Croatian coast in the winter. Mostly, sunny days prevail, but not a blazing sun like in the peak summer months. You can find options for skiing in the Mèdvednica mountain range or other ski trails. The best part is that most of the winter you could still take a refreshing dive into the Adriatic sea. So, when you are booking your tickets to Croatia in winter, you get to enjoy the whole package. 

National parks 

Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the destinations in Croatia that you wouldn’t want to miss. During winter you get to see the magical beauty of this national park. The frozen lakes and the massive icicles, instead of the flowing water, will make it one of the most memorable trips. With fewer people around, you experience the joy of exploring a quiet and peaceful park. 


During the winter, a trip to Croatia will be easier for your pocket. You can find the best hotels, guesthouses, and other accommodations easily. Apart from the availability, the prices are lower in winter, whether you’re paying for a ride within the city or for accommodations. Even the food prices in restaurants are cheaper than they are in summer. A guesthouse by the Adriatic sea may cost a bomb during summers and be affordable in the winter. 

Is visiting Croatia in winter worthwhile? 

While we agree that Croatia is fantastic in summer, Croatia in winter is just as interesting as a great, affordable, and enjoyable destination!

Have you already been to Croatia in winter? Share your photos and experiences with us! 

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