What makes the national parks in Croatia so special? 

Croatia is one of the countries whose attraction lies in nature, through its beautiful Adriatic coast, its waterfalls, and the lush forests. Apart from the splendid coastline, the national parks in Croatia are still underrated. While the blue waters allow you to sail and engage in water sports, the wildlife-watching in national parks in Croatia is a delight. 

When you are a newbie traveller to Croatia or have little information about the national parks in Croatia, check out this guide!

Five amazing National Parks in Croatia

Croatia has a total of 8 national parks. Here are our favourite national parks in Croatia.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Not every location makes it to the list of UNESCO world heritage sites, and this one did for its beauty. It consists of attractive waterfalls, turquoise lakes and some outstanding hiking trails. The park also has lush green forests and crisp blue waters. Inside and near the park are also luxury tourist accommodations available. 

Paklenica National Park 

Covering an area of 95 km², this park is located on the southern slopes of the beautiful Velebit Mountains. This park is particularly famous with the hikers and trekkers because of the rocky terrain. Also, this national park in Croatia is the second oldest one. The biodiversity houses endangered birds. And there are chances to spot a few of these rare birds nestled in the trees. 

Krka National Park

Besides the beautiful Krka River, Krka National Park is a must-visit. Krka National Park is nearby Šibenik and consists of seven waterfalls in an equally exciting ecosystem. Skradinski Buk is the highlight of this park. This is the second youngest national park in Croatia. It covers 109 km². 

Mljet National Park

Mljet National Park is named after and located on the island Mljet. Given its amazing coast, this national park in Croatia is blissful for nature lovers.

There are pine forest belts along the hillsides leading to the waters. It also has rocks and beautiful white sand as you move down. What is exceptional is that the national park also offers a coastline, and then there is are cycling tracks. The national park also houses walkways along with ancient ruins.

Risnjak National Park

Risnjak National Park in Croatia is a mountainous park. It is located at a few miles from Rijeka. There are barely any settlements and it has an abundance of lush green trees. If you are a hiker or an explorer, this national park is a dream come true. Additionally, if you happen to be a wildlife fan, the national park offers great opportunities for wildlife watching. This park doesn’t receive as many visitors as its more famous siblings. So, if you are avoiding crowds, this is a great option. 

Pro tip:

Plan your stay inside or outside the parks after considering your requirements. There are benefits to staying inside the park, such as saving time and being immersed in nature. However, accommodation outside the park is generally cheaper, and usually offers more facilities in their vicinity. 

Croatian food is worth a try. Try some local restaurants in Croatia rather than food chains. You might have lip-smacking and memorable experiences. 

Most of these parks are accessible by bus. If car travel is too expensive or not your thing, Croatia has it covered. Now pack your bags and trekking shoes and visit the national parks! 

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