How to prepare your property as a tourist accommodation in Croatia? 

When you have a property in a touristic country, there is ample opportunity to earn. Particularly, if that is a tourist accommodation in Croatia. Croatia is a gem when it comes to tourism. Whether you have a property near the coast or near Plitvice Lakes National Park, there is plenty of potential. Let’s make the most out of it. That is achievable by making the property tourist season ready! 

Exterior speaking! 

Before welcoming guests for the tourist season, make the exteriors look welcoming. Be on the lookout for the areas that are neglected and need care. Make a checklist that includes plumbing and electricity. Take care of other essential restorations as well. If the property is in bad shape or you have purchased a renovation project, get the renovation completed. Seek the help of beautiful plants and flowers in the garden. And make sure to keep the area clean.

Beautifully furnished interiors 

Amongst the plenty of options for tourist accommodation in Croatia, there needs to be something unique about your property. Something that can grab attention. Apart from the modern amenities such as easy-to-use sanitary, small facilities such as kettles or Wifi seem satisfying. Adorn the walls with paintings. Decorate the rooms with fresh flowers and keep them clean! Make sure everything is hygienic. All of these activities combined result in a positive holiday experience. 


Let your tourist accommodation in Croatia become one that truly does care for its guests. You can make a checklist for them about all the tourist destinations nearby. Offer them a varied food menu, or surprise them with a movie night at the property itself. To prepare the property as a tourist accommodation in Croatia that stands out, you can include some food items. Make them specific to the region. You can also customize by including colorful furnishing rather than white bed sheets. 

Beat the heat with the swimming pool

If you own a property with a swimming pool in Croatia, nothing can beat the charm. Ensure that the pool is cleaned thoroughly. There are ways to prepare it before the tourist season. A heating system like solar tubes will also help the swimming pool grow into a spot for quality time. You can also include a small dining table near the pool. 

Security parameters 

Security is vital. While making guests feel comfortable ensure that the property is secured and makes guests feel safe. Install a surveillance camera. 24-7 support and functioning locks are ways in which the guests feel relaxed. You can also include a safety deposit box or dedicated lockers for the guests. 


A well-prepared property will always be a top choice. It will score better than one that seems less welcoming. Besides competitive prices and beautiful photographs, the property needs more. Your property needs to be prepared to welcome and cater to guests in the tourist season. So, seek help from these tips and prepare your tourist accommodation. 

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