Do you need to filter water in Croatia?

Are you visiting Croatia, or are you planning to buy real estate in Croatia? Before moving to a new home, it is crucial to check several amenities. You might wonder about the water quality in Croatia. In many cases, people choose to filter their water. But, do you really need to filter water in Croatia? 

Explore the detailed insight about whether or not you should filter water in Croatia. 

How is the tap water quality in Croatia?

Croatia is home to enormous water reserves in the European Union. It has the best water quality. UNESCO also recognizes Croatia’s rich water resources. Summing it up, the tap water quality in Croatia is excellent. But, then what is the problem? There should not even be a question if filter water in Croatia is a must. Right? 

Starting with the preference aspect, the taste of the water is a factor for some. The water taste can differ in various regions. This is due to the hardness that is present in the water. It does not make the tap water unfit for consumption, though. The use of bottled water in this sense is unnecessary. 

Another crucial factor are rusting old pipes in the water supply system. Sometimes, their quality is not up to the mark. So, if you notice rust in your water, drinking the tap water might not be the best decision. 

Also, during heavy rains the tap water may not be safe. The supplier always informs of any potential threats or issues. In those cases you need to boil the water, or use a good water filter. 

The safety of tap water in Croatia is outstanding in most parts and seasons. Filter water or bottled water does not come with any exceptional benefits. It is more like a matter of choice for the most part. 

Is filter water in Croatia a good idea? 

Yes, it is. And, so is tap water.

The tap water in Croatia is of top-notch quality. Generally, the tap water in Croatia is safe enough to drink. A large number of people drink tap water. The use of bottled water is expensive and unnecessary. Installing a water filter system in Croatia is useful in specific locations. 

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