Five best things to expect when buying property away from the Croatian coast

It is no shock to any real estate investor that the Croatian coast is getting more famous by the day. It is not confined to vacations anymore. Most foreign investors in Croatia are involved with seafront property. Due to the trend, investors overlook one critical aspect. There is great potential in properties away from the coast in Croatia. If you are into real estate and desire to purchase a villa or a guesthouse in Croatia, stay focused and read on. 

The ever increasing demand

Croatia is the perfect spot for vacations, but there is more in terms of resources in Croatia. There are restrictions to prevent that every land plot near the Croatian coast develops into a hotel, house, or restaurant. Many areas along the coast cannot be converted into commercial land. As a result, there is less land available for property investment. As investors continue to buy Croatian waterfront properties, the prices for these waterfront properties keep rising.

The beach is not for sale

It is exciting to invest in a property in Croatia near the sea. It may even be tempting to have a beach all to yourself. However, the Croatian legislature will not allow you to own the sea. Or have a beach all to yourself. The coast or the sea can never qualify as your private property. To avoid such issues, it is crucial to select a licensed Croatian real estate agent or agency.

The cherry on the cake: lower prices for properties away from the Croatian coast

Talking about real estate prices in Croatia, the prices are lower than the EU average. That is one reason that drives foreign investors to the beautiful country. But, the rural areas away from the coast offer unbelievable prices for a low budget. The serene property locations with affordable prices can be great opportunities when you buy property away from the Croatian coast. 

Build from scratch 

For seafront properties, there are fewer vacant plots available. When you buy property such as a villa or a hotel near the seafront, you have fewer options to incorporate your ideas. However, when you buy property away from the coast in Croatia, you can find land plots easily. These allow you to develop your construction according to your selections and needs. 

Save money 

Houses by the waterfront in Croatia are in high demand. Even for smaller houses, the prices can be unreasonably high. The investment is worthy if you develop it into a commercial asset.

The bottom line is that when you invest your money in Croatia, it provides you with options, regardless of your budget. The seafront properties are popular, and for good reasons. However, for smaller budgets, Croatia has some pretty great options too! Explore them at 

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