Tips to maintain a coastal house in Croatia

The value of properties varies, and these depend on many factors. A property owner who owns a coastal house in Croatia must understand what depreciates the value. A few of these factors affecting the property value can be unmanageable. These include market conditions. What is manageable is the maintenance of the house due to external factors and age. 

Why maintain a coastal property? 

Do you have a coastal house in Croatia? There are chances that you relish beautiful coastal views too. What comes along with it is the damage to the property due to the coastal proximity. First impressions are crucial in property selling. A neglected garden, old paint, and broken windows can put off potential buyers.

How to maintain the property? 

Coastal properties are a worthy investment. However, exterior maintenance is crucial for a comfortable life inside your home and to preserve the value for when you’re selling it later. 

When the property is for sale, extra care should be taken. So, we advise hiring an expert to do all the needed repairs. Check the plumbing and electrical installations, and fix any issues with the roof and walls. Doors and windows wear out faster due to the combination of sea salt and seashore winds. Timely maintenance can save you big expenses later. 

What to do about a coastal house in Croatia? 

Owning a house comes with responsibilities and perks. A coastal house in Croatia can be an exciting investment. Or it can be a property that may require you to invest more money and time. Investing in new properties along the Adriatic coast is becoming increasingly popular with foreign investors. If you already have property along the beach or think of buying one, plan for the maintenance of your property. Here is how to achieve it right. 


For a coastal house in Croatia, exercise extra precaution during rains. The level of moisture means taking care of water damage and dampness. Keep a lookout to avoid these issues and hold timely repairs from water. Mold development is another crucial problem. So, if your property has improper ventilation, make sure you solve it. 

Robust materials 

The idea is to use materials that can sustain the intense situations and weather that it may face. For instance, wooden walls may not work well for a coastal house in Croatia. Good materials may cost extra at the onset, but reduce the maintenance costs. Choose materials which are suitable for the coast. 


Simple yet significant! Painting wood and metal surfaces can reduce sun and water damage. Non-resistant metals get protection from paint, and a touch-up guarantees that it stays put. 

A seaside house in Croatia demands more maintenance. However, appropriate preventive actions and routine supervision ensure that the home retains and increases its value. 

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