Planning to start a restaurant in Croatia?

Real estate investments in Croatia are getting popular for the right reasons. Croatia happens to be a favorite tourist destination and a paradise for real estate investors. Moreover, the tourist and real estate opportunities combined ensure that restaurants in Croatia are available for sale. Are you interested in buying a restaurant in Croatia? Then keep reading. 

More tourists mean more business 

Guesthouses and holiday homes are already popular business ideas in Croatia. But when you buy a restaurant in Croatia, the chances of success are higher. But, there are always risks involved. The abundance of tourists and citizens means a high probability of turning it into profit. Taking over a successful restaurant can be an even better business opportunity. 

Established infrastructure 

When you buy an already functional restaurant, it helps you cut down costs in comparison to setting up the infrastructure from scratch. The restaurants for sale in Croatia at prime locations away from the coastal regions can be great investments. Buying them can be a profitable real estate option in Croatia. If numerous tourists flock to your restaurant, profit can be made. 

Few tips on how to get a restaurant in Croatia

Now that you are determined to get a restaurant in Croatia, you may still have questions. You may be looking for suggestions to get started and some quick tips. 

Beyond Zagreb and the coastal areas

Croatia is known for its beautiful coastline. However, there is more to Croatia than the coast. Specifically, if it is about business, the restaurants in Croatia around Zagreb and other prime spots are relatively pricey. Furthermore, you will hardly find any eateries for sale in these regions. However, if you look in the green heart of Croatia, in Slunj, Plitvička Jezera, and Rakovica, there are lovely restaurants for sale. 

Learn the language 

Owning a restaurant is more of a tourism-related business. So, it may not come as a surprise that you may need to speak English and Croatian according to the law. One may seek help from employees and translators for the same. Being able to speak Croatian definitely comes in handy when communicating with the authorities. 


Due to the manual nature of the bureaucracy, starting up a business in Croatia will take time. So, if you are willing to own a restaurant in Croatia, it will require you to be patient. Since you may need licenses and registrations, the process may take time. However, in the end, it can be worth it. Owning an already successful restaurant saves you a lot of challenges and increases your chances of making it big in the market sooner. 


If you want a business in Croatia, owning a restaurant in Croatia is certainly an attractive option. Taking over an existing successful restaurant in Croatia can smoothen the process. There are plenty of restaurants for sale in Croatia to choose from. All you need to do is find the best one, and voila!

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